Lee Sun Bin - All you need to know about your Superstar

Lee Sun Bin – All you need to know about your Superstar


Lee Sun Bin

We have been providing you some of the important facts about the most popular superstars in the world. Do you know more about Lee Sun Bin?

Lee Sun Bin is a popular actress from South Korea. On the other hand, she is one of the most popular singers going around.

We know that most of you love to know more facts about this favorite celebrity. We will provide some of the unique facts about Lee Sun Bin in detail through this article.

The early life of Lee Sun Bin

Well, we will start with a surprise. Do you know the real name of Lee Sun Bin?

I’m sure that many of you are not aware of the real name of your superstar. Lee Jin Kyung is the real name of Lee Sun Bin.

Lee Sun Bin was born on 07th January 1994. She was born in Cheonan, South Korea.

Lee Sun Bin is now 27 years old. On the other hand, her birth sign is Capricorn.

Lee Sun Bin is currently living in Seocho-gu, Seoul. We tried to collect information about her parents and siblings.

But, we could not gather information about them. On the other hand, Lee Sun Bin has not revealed anything about her parents or siblings to the media.

There is another important fact that you need to know about Lee Sun Bin. She is a dog lover.

Recent photographs provide information that she has 02 dogs with her. On the other hand, we do not have much information about her educational background too.

The professional life of Lee Sun Bin

Lee Sun Bin started her professional career in 2011. Initially, she got the opportunity to join the band JQT.

She was able to attract lots of attention quickly due to her skills and abilities. On the other hand, she soon became the main vocalist of the band.

But, unfortunately, the JQT band had to stop in 2012 due to personal reasons. Sun Bin had to look for other opportunities to start her career once again.

Then, she started her career as a model. After some time, she again joined another music band in December 2012. But, that too did not work for long.

Next, she joined Wellmade Yedang as a training actress. This was the first time she got able to display her acting skills to the world.

On the other hand, she got opportunities to appear in several music videos during this time.

After some time, her dream of becoming an actress came true. Lee Sun Bin got the chance to act in the Chinese historical drama “Sint Wang Xizhi” 2014.

This opportunity allowed her to develop her acting skills, and the world started to see her talent.

The acting career of Lee Sun Bin

Now, we will look at the acting career of Lee Sun Bin in detail. Some of the facts here will truly inspire and amaze you.

She acted in the JTBC drama Madame Antoine: The Love Therapist in 2016. She performed a supporting role in this. Apart from that, she also featured in Squad 38 as a gold digger.

Here, she got the opportunity to act with Seo In-guk and Ma Dong-Seok in this. This made Sun Bin famous all over the world. On the other hand, many reveal this role as the most important milestone of her career.

In addition, she was good at dancing and singing too. This helped her to participate in many shows as well.

Then, she got the chance to feature in MBC’s drama, Missing in 2017. She also got the opportunity to act in the zombie film “Rampant.” She also got the chance to work with the stars like Jang Dong-Gun and Hyun Bin in this movie.

Then, Lee Sun Bin performed the lead role of JTBC’s action drama, Sketch, in 2018. After that, she was involved in the movies like “Okay Madam” and “The Great Show” in 2019. Sun Bin also got the opportunity to work in “Mission Possible.”

These are the main highlights of her acting career. Apart from that, she has been featured in many movies and shows around the world.

Net worth and achievement of Lee Sun Bin

Lee Sun Bin has not revealed any facts about her actual net worth yet. But, several reliable reports show that she has about $3 – $4 million net worth with her.

On the other hand, other reports also reveal that she has earned a considerable amount of money through acting and singing.

Apart from that, when it comes to her achievements, Lee Sun was nominated for the “Best New Actress for Seukechi” in 2018. Even though she could not win the award, she was the winner of the hearts of thousands of people.

Many people appreciated and loved her skills and abilities.

Lee Sun Bin physical stats

Now, we will see some of the body measurements and physical stats of Lee Sun Bin.

  • Height – 05 feet 05 inches
  • Skin- Fair
  • Hair – Straight
  • Eye color – Dark brown
  • Hair color – Brown

Is Lee Sun Bin still with Lee Kwang Soo?

We know that most of you want to know about the partner of Lee Sun Bin. Lee Kwang Soo is the long time partner of Lee Sun.

Lee Kwang Soo is also one of the most popular actors in her country. They are having a healthy relationship for a long period. They first started dating each other in 2018.

Summary Of Lee Sun Bin

We all got so many vital facts about Lee Sun Bin. We have provided the early life of Lee Sun in detail.

On the other hand, we provided the main milestones of the professional and acting career of Lee Sun Bin too. Apart from that, we also gave you an idea about the average net worth of Lee Sun and her achievements.

Above all, there are not many controversies and rumors about Lee Sun. She has been maintaining good relationships with all the people. This brings her lots of appreciation and love from the people.

So, we all wish Lee Sun all the best for her future endeavors and hope that she will win many awards and hearts in the coming years.

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