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Welcome to the number one site newfashion365.com on fashion and lifestyle. We are committed to showing new dimensions of new fashions and lifestyles. New fashion and beauty are the most important subjects for modern women and they are always looking for answers to many questions related to these subjects. We always strive to provide the best and right solution for you.

If we talk about writers, Emesh de silva, who is doing research and development work for Sri Lanka’s leading brands, will be writing articles on lifestyle. Chamali, an experienced fashionista, gives you all the information you need through her articles. Both of them have more than 10 years of experience in the field and are 100% sure of the quality here.

Bashitha Chamodya is also the Digital Marketing Consultant who runs the administration and serves several world-renowned brands. He also provides some lifestyle-related information which adds extra value.

We at newfashion365.com  will study the fashions and lifestyles around the world and give you the information you need in one place. We have published many valuable articles on our website based in Sri Lanka.