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An overview of lips neck tattoo

Can tattoos convey any message? Yes, my friend. Lip tattoos are the best way to convey any hidden message to someone. 

Lips neck tattoo conveys the message of love to someone. On the other hand, it is the message of gratitude and affection. 

Above all, lip tattoo designs provide many stories. Tattoo artists use different techniques and colors to make it perfect. 

People usually try to get the services of the best tattoo artists when it comes to lips neck tattoo. The art of lips neck tattoo is something straightforward. A tattoo artist needs to be specialized to perform it.

Different lips neck tattoos convey other ideas. We will provide you vital information about the meaning of these tattoos and much more through this article.

Meaning of lips tattoos

Meaning of lips tattoos

Lips tattoos usually convey the message of love for someone. On the other hand, lips tattoos on different parts of the body convey different meanings.

Most of you think that lips tattoos are there only on peaceful people. It is not like that. Even criminals and gang members have lips tattoos on them. This shows the various ideas and meanings that these tattoos provide to society.

Lips neck tattoo always provides a direct statement to someone. Do you like your neck to be kissed? Are you having still having trouble conveying that to your loved one? Then, have a tattoo on your neck. It will provide the exact message that you need to deliver.

On the other hand, a lip neck tattoo also shows your love and affection towards your loved one.

Do you know the meaning of having a lip tattoo on your wrist? This symbolizes the sense of devotion and sacrifice. On the other hand, this means your choice of giving your life to the partner.

On the other hand, you can have a lips neck tattoo as a symbol of remembrance too. If you are going abroad for an extended period or if you are leaving your house for long, this is one of the best things that you can do. 

You can have a lip tattoo on your neck to remember the loved ones when you feel lonely. It will help you to think that you are not alone and bring happiness too.

How much do lip tattoos cost?

How much do lip tattoos cost

The cost of lip tattoos depends on several factors. Here are some of them.

  • The size of the tattoo: The cost varies according to the size of the tattoo. 
  • The artwork: The artwork of the tattoo also has a direct impact on the cost. A complex artwork/design may cost higher than a normal one.
  • The ink color/quality: You can always choose the ink color/quality as per your choice. High-quality ink may cost higher. On the other hand, some of the colors used for these tattoos are expensive too.
  • Tattoo artists – There are tattoo artists specialized in lips neck tattoo. These artists charge higher than others.

In general, the cost for a lip tattoo is around $50. Besides, you need frequent touch-ups to keep the lip tattoo. So, there will be some expenses after that too. 

Preparation for lips neck tattoo

Preparation for lips neck tattoo

Initially, you need to think about the type of tattoo you want to have. It should be unique. The tattoo your friend has on his/her neck may not suit you. 

On the other hand, you should clearly understand the purpose of having a tattoo. You need to select the tattoo area based on that.

The process of having lips neck tattoo is very painful. The tattoo artists do not use anesthetics for this. 

Above all, you need to need to prepare to follow the instructions recommended by the tattoo artists. The cleaning process and the methods to keep it dry will prevent any infections. 

Process of having a lips neck tattoo

Process of having a lips neck tattoo

Now, we will provide you the process you need to undergo when having a lips neck tattoo.

  • First, the tattoo artist will draw the design you want.
  • Next, your artist will insert the ink with the use of a sterile needle. 
  • After completing the tattoo, he/she will cover the tattoo area with a sterile bandage to prevent any possible infection.
  • You will feel pain and even bleeding during this process. The pain is relatively higher than a normal having a typical tattoo.

It will take about 02-03 weeks for your tattoo to dry and heal. Therefore, you need to follow the measures provided by the tattoo artist carefully.

Tips for choosing the best lip tattoo artist

Tips for choosing the best lip tattoo artist

As we all know, lips neck tattoo is not something easy to master. You need some special skills to be a lip tattoo artist. This is the same reason why it is hard to find a better lip tattoo artist. On the other hand, the cost of these artists is relatively higher than others. 

A licensed lip tattoo artist will make your tattoo great with no side effects. You can always check the following factors in determining a professional lip tattoo artist.

  • Quality ink
  • Proper cleaning and disinfecting measures
  • Use of gloves
  • Use of brand new equipment like needles, trays

On the other hand, you can always inquire about a tattoo artist’s past experiences and qualifications before hiring. It will provide a better image of the skills of the artist. 

Above all, you should always look for the portfolio of the tattoo artist first. This will show the designs and the techniques used by this particular in previous instances. 

These factors will enable you to choose the best to have your dream lip tattoo. 

The duration and aftercare of a lip tattoo

The duration and aftercare of a lip tattoo

The duration of a lip tattoo varies according to many factors. The type of ink and the place of the tattoo are some of the major ones.

On the other hand, you can follow the guidelines given by your tattoo artist to extend the lifetime of a lip tattoo. You need to do regular touch-ups to do that.

Above all, frequent touch-ups will keep your tattoo as it was earlier. 

The nature of the touch-up entirely depends on the nature of the tattoo. Sometimes, you may not need to do the entire tattoo again. 

We always need you to seek the recommendation of the original tattoo artist for this purpose.

Side effects of lips tattoo

There are many risks and side effects associated with lips tattoos. Now, we will some of the major ones in detail.

  1. Swelling – The area of the body will swell as a result of piercing. For example, when you have a lip tattoo on your neck, the tattoo artist uses needles to pierce and insert the ink. As a result of that, the areas around your neck will swell. But, this will ease up after few days.
  2. Allergic reactions – If you have a history of skin allergies, you need to inform your tattoo artist. Then it is the responsibility of your tattoo artist to test and confirm the best products for your tattoo. On the other hand, you should always look for signs of itchiness, rash after having a tattoo.
  3. Infections – this is the most common side effect of lip tattoos. The tattoo artist needs to use sterilized equipment and needles for this. Above all, you must always follow the instructions of the tattoo artists after having the tattoo. It will help you to be free from any infections.
  4. Scarring – This happens when the lip tattoo does not heal properly. Allergic and infections are the most common for this.
  5. Blood-borne diseases – This is the most significant risk of having tattoos. Blood-borne diseases like HIV and hepatitis B can be transmitted into your blood using unsterilized needles and equipment.

Tips to look after an inner lip tattoo

Inner lips tattoos are the hardest to take care of. This is due to the moisture. It is said that nearly 40% of inner lip tattoos fade due to improper care. Now, we will provide you some tips to take care of your inner lip tattoo without fading.

  • You can use a folded paper towel inside your lip. This will help your lip stay away from your teeth to keep the area dry.
  • You should not wash your inner lip tattoo with regular soap or lotion. You may use vitamin A and D ointment for it.
  • Do not try to dry and heal it using artificial ways. The best you can do is to leave it alone. 
  • Try to keep the inside of your lip as dry as possible. 
  • You can get rid of the paper towels on the third day. Your tattoo will be healed by then.

Pros and cons of inner lip tattoos

Pros and cons of inner lip tattoos

Do you want to have information about the pros and cons of inner lip tattoos? Her are them



Inner lip tattoos are the leading trend in the world. Most of the celebrities have this to show their glow and fashion. 

Hidden easily

Inner lip tattoos are the best you can have if you want to hide your tattoo from someone. You can only show them to the one you need by simply unfolding your lip.


Many of you want to have a tattoo. But, some of you do not need it permanently. An inner lip tattoo is the best solution for this. These tattoos do not last long due to the moisture and the saliva of your mouth. 


Limited design

Your inner lip tattoo design needs to be simple. You cannot have whatever you want here. The limited space, tattoos are, and the moisture atmosphere is the main factors for it.

More pain

Inner lips tattoos can be more painful than others. The soft skin around the lips area and thousands of nerve endings are the main reasons for it. 

Tend to fade quickly

Are you looking for a tattoo for a long? Then, inner lip tattoos should not be the choice for you. They fade very quickly compared to others.

Infection risk

The infection of an inner lip tattoo, when compared to another, is very high. There are tons of bacteria inside your mouth. Therefore, the risk of infection here is very high.

Conclusion_ Lips Neck Tattoo

Conclusion: Lips Neck Tattoo

We have provided you some vital information and facts about lips neck tattoo. On the other hand, we have covered almost every section of the lips neck tattoo subject. 

We know that all of you want to have the best lips neck tattoo. But, you need to be very careful when choosing one here. Apart from that, we always need you to follow the steps we discussed when selecting a tattoo artist. 

After all, we all do this to add more look and beauty to ourselves. Anyone of you does not want to experience adverse side effects due to this. Therefore, always inform your tattoo artist about all your requirement in detail and allergies.

On the other hand, it is good to consult a skin specialist and get some advice about this and regarding the composition of your skin. 

So, we hope that you all follow these steps and have the best lips neck tattoo on you to be more happy and beautiful.

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