Khalid Al Ameri

Who is Khalid Al Ameri? I’m sure you don’t know these things about him.


His name is Khalid Al Ameri, and he is an Emirati content creator.

Khalid, who has amassed a sizable fan base on the internet, has shared a number of thought-provoking comments with his followers over the years.

Videos about growing up in a multicultural environment, where his mother is from the UK and his father is an Emirati, his son’s autistic condition, the COVID-19 epidemic, and his wife Salama Mohamed’s skin ailment, vitiligo, are among his most popular posts on his YouTube channel.

A look behind the camera reveals some interesting facts about this well-known video maker. Enjoy!

About Eduction

Khalid finished high school at the American International School in Abu Dhabi and then moved on to Stanford University to get an MBA in Business Administration after that.

He soon realized, however, that he had more interest in narrative than he had first thought. Khalid turned his back on his MBA and became CNN’s Middle Eastern Correspondent, a position he held for six years until quitting in 2012.

Selfless deeds have made him famous.

As part of Dubai Cares’ imitative, students volunteer at schools all around the globe and do good deeds all over the country.

Khalid is recognized for his altruistic gestures, including a YouTube video last year in which he explained the notion of a Balikbayan box, which is a shipment of household goods that is given back to the Philippines on behalf of its citizens. Also, he gave his cleaner, Leila, the box and a ticket to visit her family as a surprise, in addition to the gift.

By creating engaging material, he hopes to unite people.

From promoting peaceful coexistence to encouraging others to do the same, Khalid is a constant force for good in the world. To encourage members to share their experiences and learn from one another, we also operate a Facebook group called “Khalid’s World Group”.

About Family

Khalid Al Ameri and Salama Mohamed are having a typical day at their home. There are lights, cameras, and ideas flying about for the duo’s next act. We can’t help but wonder whether we’ll get a glimpse of the couple’s other side during our interview.

On Instagram, you get what you pay for. Both Salama and Khalid, two household figures in the United Arab Emirates, have established a distinct kind of humor that is both unique and universally appealing. Wknd. gets a glimpse of this more introspective side of the couple as they chat about parenting a determined kid and bringing attention to vitiligo by choosing to be self-employed rather than working for someone else.

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