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Lots of things to know about fashion merchandising in 2023


All about the fashion merchandising

Fashion is one of the biggest industries in the world. But, are you aware of fashion merchandising? 

Fashion merchandising means the process of introducing a product to the right market at the right time through sales promotions and planning. On the other hand, we need to create attractive methods and proper advertising when promoting these products to the market.

There are many fashion merchandising degrees to learn about the latest trends in the fashion field. But, on the other hand, there are many associated with fashion merchandising too.

Therefore, we will discuss all this information in detail to provide you a better understanding of fashion merchandising.

What is fashion merchandising?

Now, we all know the basic definition of fashion merchandising. Simply fashion merchandising is presenting a product to the market at the right time. 

On the other hand, stock planning, process control, and management are the main elements of fashion merchandising. In addition, fashion merchandising is famous worldwide.

Apart from that, fashion merchandising also needs a specific set of qualities for success. As a result, there are two main fashion merchandising teams.

01. Visual merchandising team is responsible for designing and storing the display process to maximize sales.
02. Fashion merchandising team – This team is responsible for producing and distributing the products to the customer.

Above all, the main objective of fashion merchandising is earning profits. Therefore, the decision of the fashion merchandiser will decide the profits of all parties, including designers, manufacturers, and retailers.

What can you do with a fashion merchandising degree?

A fashion merchandising degree is one of the most popular educational qualifications in the fashion industry. “What can I do with a fashion merchandising degree?” This may be the question that most of you are having right now. 

On the other hand, not all fashion merchandising majors become fashion designers. The competition for fashion designing jobs is the main reason for this.

Many fashion designing majors choose retail, designing, and buyers in the same industry. On the other hand, others with creative minds become visual merchandisers. The main part of their attracts more customers through creative displays.

Apart from that, many job opportunities are waiting for people with textile merchandising degrees.

What jobs can you get with a fashion merchandising degree?

Now, we will provide you with some of the job positions that you can get with a textile merchandising degree. On the other hand, most of these contain entry-level positions. However, these positions and their information may be valuable for you if you are hoping to start in the fashion business field.

01. Assistant retail buyer

In this position, the person will make relationships with the vendor. But, on the other hand, the person will make sure to present the right product to the market incorrect quantities. 

02. Assistant merchandising product manager

The person here will take part in the meeting to discuss the business matters and ensure smooth back-end operations.

03. Operations coordinator

This person will manage and monitor purchase orders, inventory and acts as the coordinator between the vendor and the buyer.

04. Events coordinator 

The person here will coordinate all fashion events from start to finish. On the other hand, this person has the responsibility of negotiating with the clients when making deals.

05. Styling Assistant

This person will select unique clothing, materials, and makeup for special events.

Following are some of the other job opportunities that you can get with a fashion merchandising degree.

  • Advertising copywriter
  • Fashion editor
  • Market researcher
  • Product designer
  • Merchandise manager

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising is a private college with several campuses. This is in California. 

On the other hand, this institute offers degrees in fashion, entertainment, and graphic design. This started operations in 1969.

Apart from that, this is the most popular and the best textile merchandising institute with fashion-related degrees. Many students who are interested in fashion join this place for their higher education.

Process of starting a career in fashion merchandising

Now, you all know about the job opportunities you can have from fashion merchandising degrees. On the other hand, you also learn about the different duties associated with it. 

Now, we will provide you a comprehensive process that you need to follow when starting a career in textile merchandising.

01. Join with a quality fashion merchandising program

Even though some of the employers do not look for educational backgrounds, many do. Therefore, having a fashion merchandising-related degree will increase your chances of recruiting. 

Most of the textile merchandising programs are for two years. These programs include market research, maths, business, and fashion trend forecasting.

02. Experience in fashion retail business

It is not the place you work to provide experiences. Some people think large shops and malls only offer good experiences for starters. 

On the other hand, people also look for large-scale business opportunities to gain experience. But, you can learn enough experiences about sales, customer service through working at scale enterprise.

03. Participating in an internship

Here you need to find a suitable internship program for you to participate in. On the other hand, you can ask for help from your school or friends when finding one. 

Here you need to show your interest and dedication towards work during the internship period. Then the company will think of providing a full-time opportunity for you considering the performance.

04. Crate a portfolio

You need to prepare a portfolio of your work creatively. On the other hand, you can include market research, visual merchandising displays, and other reports in your portfolio.

05. Note down the required skills

This is another step of this process. You need to note down all the fashion merchandising job opportunities details.

After that, you can review all the common skills that you need to develop and requested by companies for the jobs. 

06. Creative resume

This is one of the most important steps of finding a perfect job. Your resume is the first piece of paper that a company looks at when hiring you.

On the other hand, a resume is a document that most companies request when applying for a job. Therefore, you need to have a creative resume highlighting your skills and experiences. 

On the other hand, you need to highlight your previous work samples too in a creative manner. Above all, you need to be professional too.

07. Apply for the perfect job

This is the final and the most step. You need to understand your strengths and apply for the most suitable position. 

summary of Fashion merchandising

Fashion merchandising is not an alien term for you now. We have discussed the importance of a textile merchandising degree in detail.

On the other hand, we have also provided information about the job opportunities for graduates in textile merchandising. Apart from that, we also provided information about the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

In addition, we presented you with a guideline to follow when choosing a job opportunity related to fashion merchandising. 

So, we suggest you obtain a better fashion merchandising degree and follow these steps to get the best merchandising job that you always wanted. 

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