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haircuts for men with curly hair – 2021


From A to Z about haircuts for men with curly hair

We do not often see people with curly hair. It is somewhat rare. On the other hand, curly hair will also feel like a curse for some. Deciding on a haircuts for men with curly hair has also been a daunting task. But, keep in mind that curls add volume and texture to your hair without any additional products. So, it comes also as a blessing in disguise.

Many think that they do not have many hair cut options for curly hair. But, trust my word, there are multiple haircut choices available for curly hair than you think.

Next, we will provide you with some of the popular haircuts for men with curly hair in detail.

Top 05 Haircuts for guys with curly hair

Curly hair + Quiff

01. Curly hair + Quiff

Quiff is one of the most popular and suited haircuts for men with curly hair. For this, first, you need to examine how your hair falls. After that, you need to determine how to arrange the curly hair to get the sexiest look.

Curly hair + Short Afro

02. Curly hair + Short Afro

You need to concern more about your haircut if you have curly hair. Today, you do not have much time to arrange your hair much in the morning when you go to the office or some work. Afro is the best solution for this. Afro provides a better look to you. On the other hand, you need to have a clean shave around your ears to look better.

03. Curly hair + Beach curls

Beach curls are best suited for casual events. It provides the freedom for you to do your work without paying much attention to your curly hair. On the other hand, beach curls allow you to apply any product and get the stylish look you want quickly.

04. Curly Hair + Undercut

Undercut hairstyle works perfectly with your curly hair. Here you need to arrange and consider only the top half of the hair. On the other hand, undercut works well with curly hairs of different lengths too. So, you can have the undercut haircut of your choice easily.

05. Curly hair + Pompadour

Curly hair will provide a better look for the pompadour hairstyle. Here, you need to arrange and examine your natural curly waves well to have a better look. Above all, Pompadour helps you to have neat and professional hair.

Haircuts for guys with curly hair and round faces

Haircuts for guys with curly hair and round faces

First, we will provide some tips to check whether if you have a round face. The following factors are there if you have a round face.

  • Having your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline in the same line
  • The exact size in width and length of your face
  • Unavailability of any sharp angles on your face

Now, we will look at some of the top haircuts for guys with curly hair and round faces in detail.

01. Modern Curly Quiff

Modern curly Quiff is one of the top hairstyles for curly hair boys with round faces. It was first spotted on Dolce and Gabbana runway. The modern curly Quiff also provides a more relaxed to your hair than in the traditional Quiff. When it comes to the haircut, hair is there on the top and combed backwards.

02. Textured curls with heights

You can provide a dazzling look to your hair by keeping the height of your curls. This works well with your round face too. You can add a fade to the side and see the beauty.

03. Curly hair + Surgical line

This is best suited for men with round faces. Guys with curly hair can have this haircut and add an extra stylish look with a trimmed line. You can have it on either side.

How to get curly hair for men

How to get curly hair for men

Most men with straight hair like to get curly hair. Then they look for haircuts for men with curly hair. As long as you do not have short hair, there are things that you can do to get your curly. You need the following products to make your straight hair curly.

  • Heat protection spray
  • Sea salt spray
  • Hairdryer

Now we will provide the steps you need to follow to make your curly. Let’s begin the journey of making your hair curly.

Steps for getting a curly hair

Steps for getting a curly hair

Step 01 – Wash your hair.

First, you need to wash and make your hair wet. As we all know, we can easily style and arrange wet hair. You can use a high-quality shampoo and conditioner for this. After that, wipe it with a towel and make sure to keep your hair wet.

Step 02 – Apply heat protectant.

Heat protectant will protect your hair from heat damage and helps you to dry your hair quickly.

Step 03 – Use seas salt spray to get curls

Here you need to apply sea salt to your hair. Next, you need to lift your hair and distribute it evenly from the root to the top of the hair. The sea salt spray will provide natural-looking curls.

Step 04 – Dry your hair

Once your hair is set, you can make use of a dryer to make the curls. You need to create curls in a way that provides you with a better look.

Step 05 – Create curls.

Men can wrap small pieces of hair around fingers and apply heat directly on hair to get curls.

Step 06 – Finish with cream.

Finally, you need to apply a suitable cream when your hair becomes dry. Here you need to provide the final touch as you wish to get the perfect look.

Steps to manage curly hair

We need to put extra effort into keeping our curly hair clean and healthy from dust and other things. Recent researches also proved that you do not need to wash curly hair frequently like straight hair. On the other hand, natural oils help to control the curls too.

In addition to that, many hair experts recommend sulphate free shampoos for curly hairs. This is because they contain fewer detergents that cause harm to your hair. On the other hand, they also advise us to follow air drying as much as possible and limit blow-drying. Further, we always recommend you not to dry your hair more than 60% and keep some moisture to keep your curls’ shape.

Pros and cons of curly hair

Now we will discuss some of the pros and cons of curly hair.

  • Easy to have a hairstyle – You will always have a hairstyle if you have curly hair. On the other hand, you do not need to comb and brush your hair every time.
  • More shine and look – Curly hair provides you with a more stunning look than normal hair.
  • You can easily have different hairstyles by changing the curls – Curl hairs provide you the opportunity to make your dream hairstyle a reality. It allows you to have your hairstyle in mind with ease. In addition to that, it also adds to your personality.
  • Can make hairstyles in less time – Many of us do not have much time to have a proper hairstyle, especially in the morning, and then go to work. Curls allow you to have a decent hairstyle in a quick time.
  • Do not need to worry about the length of the hair – Most times, hairdressers cut your hair more than you think. Having curly hair will provide you the extra length to counter these situations.
  • Will get damaged quickly – Curl hairs tend to damage more quickly than normal ones due to the hair’s nature.
  • Need to use expensive hair treatments to keep the curls – Some of the curl hair treatments are relatively expensive.
  • Need to use expensive styling products to keep the hair neat – You need to use proper styling products to keep your hair tidy throughout the day. Otherwise, your hair can fizz during the day, and it may look funny. So, the products here can be expensive.
Haircuts for guys with curly 1

Conclusion: haircuts for men with curly hair

We have discussed some of the top haircuts for men with curly hair. In addition to that, we have provided some vital information about it too. Apart from that, now you know the haircuts for guys with curly hair and round faces.

On the other hand, we have also provided you with tips to have curly hair. We have given all this information to make life easy for you. Our list of benefits will provide you with a clear picture of the importance of having curly hair.

Some of you think curly hair is a restriction and follow many inappropriate ways of arranging your curly hair. This can cause damages to your hair and ultimately provide you a dull look.

As we all know, our hair provides us the decent and professional look that we always want. Therefore, these haircuts for men with curly hair will help you to get that nice looking look that you always wanted.

Therefore, make use of these haircuts for men with curly hair information and other facts and let your curly hair offer you the best possible look to make your life happy.

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