How to clean makeup brushes without any damage.


How to clean our makeup brush?

A makeup brush is arguably the essential element of your makeup kit. We usually paint, color, and do many things from our makeup brush every day. But the question here is, how often we clean our makeup brush?

How to clean our makeup brush? This is another main question that many of you have. On the other hand, many of you know the importance of cleaning the makeup brushes. However, most of you do not know the proper cleaning methods and go through many issues while cleaning the.

Therefore, considering that we will provide you a proper guideline to clean your makeup brush quickly and efficiently.

How often should you clean makeup brushes?

Many experts, especially dermatologists, will always recommend cleaning your makeup brush at least once a week. If we use it without proper cleaning for too long, bacteria will build upon that and cause rashes and infections.

On the other hand, you use makeup brushes to clean your face in most cases. So, they should be clean. In addition to that, medical experts want us to clean our makeup brushes used around eyes at least twice a month.

Regular proper cleaning will extend the lifetime of the makeup brush too. So, protecting our skin is not the only benefit that we can get from regular cleaning of makeup brushes.

How to clean makeup brushes DIY

How to clean makeup brushes DIY

So, we all know that we need to clean our makeup brush at least once a week to protect it from bacteria and viruses. Today, people tend to go after expensive makeup brush cleaners to do the job.

Have you ever thought about other cost-effective ways of doing this same job? Many of you always have the question, how to clean makeup brushes?

We will now provide some DIY tricks and household items that help you clean your makeup brush properly.

01. Dish wash soap

We use dish soap to clean our kitchen items. Why can we not use the same to clean our makeup brush?

Soak your makeup brush under warm water. Then add a little dish soap into it. Next, clean it properly with a clean sponge. You see the waste particles removing from the brush soon. Finally, keep it in place to dry. That’s all, my friend. It is that simple.

But always remember not to soak the entire brush underneath the water. Soak only the brush bristles.

02. Baby shampoo

We use baby shampoo to clean babies as they have sensitive bodies. You can use the same sensitive product to clean your makeup brush too.

First, you need to soak the makeup brush with lukewarm water and add a bit of shampoo. Then rub it to remove any makeup and waste. Rinse until your brush looks clean and tidy.

03. Olive oil

We can use olive oil as a cleaning agent and a conditioner.

First, insert the makeup brush into a container with olive oil. Then, clean it with a clean sponge. In addition to that, you can always add shampoo to this and make a perfect cleaning substance.

How to clean makeup brushes with vinegar

Vinegar is a great natural cleaner. Many of you fear using vinegar to clean makeup brushes because of its smell. But, remember, vinegar is a natural deodorizer. You will not have the vinegar smell after you dry it properly. Above all, you can use vinegar for both cleaning your makeup brush and disinfecting it.

Now, we will see how to clean our makeup brush using vinegar.

clean makeup brushes

01. First, make the cleaning solution

  • First, put hot water into a large jar.
  • Then, add a little apple cider vinegar.
  • Next, add a small amount of dish wash soap.
  • After that, mix it well to get the best solution.

02. Add the makeup brush into water

Here you need to add the makeup brush and move it around the solution to make it clean. Then, take it out and rinse in cold water.

03. Let the brush air dry

  • After soaking, you need to remove the water from the makeup brush by cleaning it with a towel.
  • Next, you need to get back the makeup brush’s shape by smoothing out the bent bristles.
  • Finally, place the makeup brush on a paper towel if possible to dry.

Now, we will provide you a method to use vinegar for disinfecting your makeup brush. This will allow you to have a makeup brush free of bacteria.

Above all, you can do all this at home without any significant difficulty.

2nd method

How to clean makeup brushes with vinegar

01. First, wash the makeup brush using running water

Here, you need to keep the tip down towards the sink. This will allow you to clean the makeup on your brush.

02. Rub the makeup brush with shampoo

  • Even though you can use any shampoo, we always recommend cleaning the makeup brush with baby shampoo.
  • Gently rub the makeup brush using your fingers with shampoo.
  • Then, clean the makeup brush by washing it in water.

03. Making a vinegar solution to disinfect the brush

  • First, add vinegar to the water.
  • Then, mix it well.
  • After that, put the bristles into it and move it well.
  • Finally, rewash it from water to remove the vinegar.

04. Place the makeup brush on a paper towel to dry.

Here, you need to place the makeup brush on a paper towel to dry.

Signs to replace the makeup brush

We have provided many ways of how to clean makeup brushes. How long can you use your makeup brush? Is it one month, or can I use it for 5-6 months?

Many of you might be thinking about this. We will provide you some signs of a makeup brush that will let you know to replace it.

Generally, you need to replace your makeup brush every three months.

The changing of color and bad smell are some of the signs of a deteriorating makeup brush. On the other hand, your makeup brush will eventually go out of shape when the time is up, reminding you to go for a new one.

Tips for choosing a quality makeup brush

A quality makeup brush will let you use it for some time more than an average one. On the other hand, it will also allow you to do your work correctly.

“How to clean makeup brushes”? is the main question that we are discussing right now. A high-quality makeup brush will always help you to clean your makeup brush better than others.

Therefore, we will now look at some of the tips we can follow when choosing a makeup brush.

01. Class

The word “class” here refers to the quality of the makeup brush. The brushes made with high-class fiber and materials will allow us to use them for some more time. On the other hand, it will also help to clean the brush better. You should always look for soft bristles when choosing a makeup brush. This will keep the quality of the brush for a long.

02. Characteristics of the makeup brush

We need to pay attention to the following characteristics when choosing a makeup brush.

  • Brush head size – Small, medium, large
  • Bristle material – Synthetic or natural hair
  • Bristle density – Firm, stiff
  • Handle length – Long, short

03. Cost of the makeup brush

We always believe that expensive products are much better and have more features than others. But, it is not like that always. You need to consider the above characteristics when choosing a makeup brush rather than relying on the cost always.

04. Care

You may purchase the best makeup brush in the shop for the highest price. Yet, you need to use it with care. Otherwise, you will not be able to use it for long.

You can follow our guidelines of how to clean makeup brushes section for more details.

05. Cruelty-free

There are high-quality makeup brushes in the market today. So, you do not need to go for brushes with animal hair. On the other hand, using makeup brushes with animal hair can cause allergies too. So, we always recommend you to go for a high-quality synthetic one.

how to clean makeup brushes

Conclusion: how to clean makeup brushes

We have gained vital information about makeup brushes through this article. We hope that “how to clean makeup brushes”? will not be a question anymore.

We have discussed the best practices and cost-effective ways to clean your makeup brush. On the other hand, now we all know to disinfect our makeup brush as well.

Apart from that, we have gone through the signs that signal us to go for a new makeup brush. Above all, we have also provided tips to choose a makeup brush as well.

Makeup is the foundation and the main element of makeup set. It is the makeup brush that we use to apply makeup on our faces. Therefore, the makeup brushes we use need to be clean and tidy.

Using makeup brushes with bacteria and viruses will cause allergies and may harm our face and skin. We all do makeups to keep our beauty and to add more glow to our faces. Therefore, we do not need to harm our face with an improper makeup brush.

We recommend you to follow these steps and tips we mentioned to clean your makeup brushes well as never before to make yourself more beautiful and happy.

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